Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is a test. It is only a test.

Okay. So. I've been putting off starting a blog for several reasons.

1) I don't need another addiction.

2) I don't need another thing to feel guilty about if I don't update it often enough. (Scrapbooks, diary, etc.)

3) My internet is on-again off-again.

4) I actually already tried it once, but couldn't upload any pictures. And everyone knows that you only check people's blogs to ogle other people's kids.

5) I am part Charlie Brown. What if no one reads my blog? Pretty sad to be rejected by cyberspace at large ....

BUT despite the several cons, I'm doing it anyway. I love to write, I'm very opinionated, and mostly I want to keep family and friends updated. Good enough, right?

So let's see if this darn picture thingamajig works. This is Nathan and Isaac during a recent FHE. I love Kim Loudon's idea of acting out scripture stories for Family Night ... so I'm unabashadedly copying her. (Love you, Kim!) This is the Watson version of the Brother of Jared (Mon-rye, according to Nathan.) We built a boat out of the couch, covered it with blankets to make it dark, and hunted up some white rocks for the Savior to touch and bring light to the barges. A huge, huge hit. We now act it out two or three times a week - or as often as I let them.

No kidding - it worked! Okay, I'm an official blogger. Whoa. It sounds so final.


Grandmama said...

Bishop/YW/CampDirector/two active little "missionaries"/one in the oven - I would say you get plenty of exercise with never a bore moment! What fun! Congratulations on your new little one. I loved your pictures - you guys haven't changed a bit - you can see light in your pictures - that's the spirit. Have a wonderful 2008! Love, Jean Fields

heidizinha said...

becky, your blog CAN be your scrapbook/journal. It's that for me now. Seriously! There are programs and programs that will make your blog into a book.

I'm so excited you're here, on the blogging frontier!

kristi said...

Welcome Welcome. Don't worry about how often you update. I go in spurts.