Friday, January 25, 2008

Two secrets to my happiness.

I INSISTED on lugging this thing down from the States - and paying Continental's fine. And it was worth it. Ohhhhh, was it worth it.
And the second secret is thus:

It's waking up early.

Now, if my parents read this, they would laugh their heads off. I was notorious for sleeping in during my seminary years, and I religiously followed the teenage stereotype of refusing to get out of bed before noon during the summer months. College was worse - I made it my personal goal never to have a class before 11AM. (There was one semester that I had an 8. I missed a lot.)

But NOW. Dude. I'm unhappy if I sleep in past 6. Two words for it, my friends: ME TIME. It is the only time I have for MOI. I get up, I exercise (yes! exercise!), I read my scriptures, I straighten up the house, I take out the garbage, I even start laundry sometimes. All before 7. (30 minutes exercise, 15 scriptures, 15 house) It's a beautiful thing. I'm calmer during the day. Isaac dumped out a bottle of baking soda all over the kitchen? No prob! Nathan threw every toy he owns in the pool to see which ones float? No biggie! I had ME TIME!

I only get it by waking up early. It works. Try it.

Another plus: teaching kids the benefit of exercise. Nathan LOVES "working out." Yoga is his particular favorite. (He does many poses better than I do!) But my favorite part? He says he has to exercise to "be strong like Mommy." HA!


heidizinha said...

i really really admire you. I've gotten up early twice this week and i did love the things i got accomplished...but i'm not sure if i REALLY love it enough to drag my sorry bottom out of bed.

i won't let myself go to bed unless my dishes are done and the living room is clean (its one of my new year's resolutions), and it has made the biggest difference in how my morning, and ultimately day go.

so how much was the fee??!?!?

Who's Who: said...

$100 smackeroos. Yeah. Ridiculous. Cuz it's oversized, even in the box. (Thank goodness it wasn't over weight - that would have been ANOTHER $100.) It was $120 to begin with. But figure in the fact that the exact same Climber in Brazil would cost ya $600 (R$1200) ... I paid the fee.

Kim (Davis) Loudon said...

Now, what is the secret about actually getting OUT of the bed at that unearthly hour. \"/ I am SOOOOOOOOO wanting to be up and showered and ready for the day before the kids wake up, but when the alarm rings I want to shoot myself, so I turn it off and go back to sleep. I KNOW my day will go smoother, but somehow it is not motivation enough yet. love, the lazy bum of a mother, Kim

Bridget said...

I also admire you for consistently getting out of bed early. I'm like Heidi and Kim though; It's sounds great, but I don't think I could stick to it. Especially if I keep staying up until midnight reading :) Congratulations on baby boy #3!