Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter eggs

Just cuz we're in a foreign country doesn't mean we don't uphold American traditions! We opted to paint our eggs instead of dyeing - hecka lot easier for little 'uns. We used Q-tips for paintbrushes ... excellent idea, except that Isaac tried to clean his ears out with a (dripping red) one. ...

Such concentration ...

I don't like this picture of me, but it totally catches Nathan's enthusiasm for the activity.

Eventually, eggs ceased to capture his attention, and Isaac decided to paint himself.

Ta-da! I think my favorite one was Isaac's, bottom right. Our budding artist!

Before the eggs, we had a lesson on Christ's ressurection. We bore our testimony about how we can all live again because of Christ's sacrifice, and how happy we should be that He lives again.

I realized just how much this impressed Nathan last night at 2:00 in the morning. He had a nightmare and came into our bedroom crying silently. He told me all about how a dragon had come and burned up Isaac and we couldn't get into his room to save him. Nathan was thoroughly upset. I walked him to his room and had a little talk - that Isaac was fine, it was just a dream, etc., etc. He asked if we could say a prayer to make him feel better. I conceded, and he laid back down looking content. Suddenly, he shot back up -

"Mom! Know what? It's okay if Isaac dies! He'll just be re-surr-rected again!"

I was (and am) so touched with what Nathan taught me last night. He LITERALLY has no fear of death. So much so that recently, upon refusing to wear his seat belt and me giving him a little lecture on the dangers of car accidents, he says, "But Mom, I can die, it's okay - I'll be with Jesus!" I explained to him while that was true, he still had a lot of things to do in this life - school (which he looks forward to soooooooo much), a mission, marriage, etc. Luckily he seemed okay with this plan. ;o)

I am so grateful that my son has such a profound understanding of the plan of salvation already. I can only hope that it abides with him for always.

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Tamra Watson said...

Oh Man, Becky...This is the exact laugh I was looking for tonight :)...Nathan teaches me too! If I don't survive the end of the CRAZY semester...its okay, I'll be with Jesus.

I'm SO glad you guys are part of my family. You bring sunshine to my soul!!