Monday, April 14, 2008

22 seconds of hilarity

Okay, so my friend Reva recently posted her new favorite song on her blog. (You can partake of her blogging yumminess here.)

Little Prince really, really liked it. And, if you don't mind turning your head to see it, it'll make your day. At least it did mine!



Rocketgirl said...

HOLY SNAP!!!! That is so adorable!! I love how he is totally unaware of anything but the music - I wish we could all stay that way! You have done such a good job with that boy if good music like that can get him to move like that:)
PS I looked at him, and remembered how he ran up to you when you visiting my house for the first time and pushed you back and said "nnnoo noooo" to keep you from finding something naughty he'd done, and now he's so big. He is just growing up so cool!

Sea_creature said...

Hi there from your newest reader. Found you through a comment you made on Moos diary. You seem like a sweetie AND you watch Super Nanny! I love that show and I don't even have kids...yet...still practicing with pets! Anyway, nice to "meet" you. I'll be readin' ya!

Rocketgirl said...

Okay, I know I already posted, but I can't get over how his entire turns to jelly aboutn halfway hrough! Man, I wish I had moves like that:)

Lisa Fox said...

those are some fancy feet work going on. LOVE IT! Aren't we so blessed to live in a time that we can capture all these precious moments.

Mommadj5 said...

I LOVE IT!!! Made my day. I LOVE the "finger jive" about 1/2 through the dance. We are laughing our heads off over here. By the way - put a combination lock (voice of experience) on the gate BEFORE Megan's prediction comes true!