Sunday, April 6, 2008


So this weekend was General Conference - a biannual gathering of all the millions of Latter-day Saints the world over to listen to the words of our prophet and apostles. Four sessions of two hours each over the course of two days. And I love every minute.

Once a year they do a special broadcast just for young women ages 12 to 18 (and their leaders and mothers). It was actually aired a couple weeks ago, but with the time change and all, they always record it and show it at a later date. We watched ours this morning. I cannot describe the feeling of watching thousands of faithful young women via satellite listening to the same words I was hearing in a tiny room in Brazil, surrounded by equally faithful young women.

We are not alone.

No matter where we are, what language we speak, or what God we worship, we all face the same struggles. I remember first arriving here and being completely awestruck with the exotic language around me - wondering what exotic things they were saying to their exotic friends about exotic subjects. Bull. Everyone talks about the same things, everywhere. Everyone talks about peer pressure, work, school, their kids, politics, house duties, etc. The same in-law jokes. The same worries over trying to be a good, respectable person. Everyone wants the same things out of life.

Language doesn't change that.

Yes, Brazil is vastly different than the States. In food, social etiquette, education, city planning, and just about everything else ... except the people. The people are the same. People are the same everywhere.

Almost all of my beauties ... only three were missing that day!


kristi said...

That is a pretty good number of young women!

Rocketgirl said...

What a sweet blog! It's so true, it's wonderful to get that perspective and "get" that we're all just humans with different skin on, that's all. I LOVE seeing the strength of the saints all over the world and knowing it's not just America, not just my little ward, but the gospel is for the WHOLE earth! It makes me so grateful for a Father in heaven who loves us all:)