Saturday, May 3, 2008

My new favorite show

Who can watch TV when they have this on the wall?

I have wanted Greg Olson's "Sacred Grove," oh, forEVER. And now I have it. Mine. I OWN it. This may be my first material possesion that I actually value - like, bordering on obsession. I might go back after it in the event of a fire. That and my scrapbooks.

I love this painting for a several reasons. Among the most prominent: one, it's middle ground with Steve and me. He loves nature scenery- me, not so much. I'm usually into people or subjects. But this is a GOSPEL painting. Good compromise. (If you want to read about why the Sacred Grove is significant to me, click here.) And two, the painting is not in-your-face gospel. It's subtle. It's a conversation starter. It invites the spirit into the room without being self-righteous. It doesn't make non-believers uncomfortable. And MOST of all - it's gorgeous. I find myself staring at it for ridiculous amounts of time.

Now if only Steve and I could be here at the same time long enough to hang it up.

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kristi said...

That really is a beautiful picture. I really love the sacred grove too.