Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watch out, My Man

A dashing young man with blue eyes and a wicked grin recently tried to seduce me.

Little Prince: "Mom, I'm gonna marry you when I get big."

Me: "But I'm already married to Daddy!"

[pause - he's thinking about this]

LP: "But Dad works during the day. So you can be married to me during the day, and Daddy at night."

Sounds good to me, kid ....


Melting away in Phoenix said...

So cute! I am sure you are flattered. My girls definitely aren't saying things like that to me:)

Rachel H said...

I just came to your blog for the first time, read through your last several posts, and just wanted to say that you have a lovely entertaining style and that you made me smile!!=) Keep up the good blogging!

Elizabeth said...

Okay, so Poppet recently said she would marry me when she grew up. I had to explain that not only am I already married (and we're waaaay to closely related) but we're both girls, and that's (still) against the law. Girls marry boys.

She seemed okay with that. ;P