Sunday, November 16, 2008

My LEAST favorite thing about Brazil

Okay, so before my face shows up on milk cartons - or Google Ads, how cool would that be? - I have NOT been kidnapped by natives or anything remotely interesting like that. I've just been dealing with the monopoly that is Telefonica and the I-don't-care-at-all-about-your-troubles that is the internet help desk.

Tried going to My Man's work to assure my blogging people ("It's a WORLD, hun, they are WORRIED about me and I have to BLOG"), but it's a banned website. Apparently they're worried about employees wasting time - as IF blogging would be a problem about that.

So I finally threw up my hands and went to the States.

That's right, people, I am officially PLACED.

It is sooooooo good to be home. And I'm here til New Year's!

We got in this morning and I just took a completely non-refreshing nap. I look exactly like I've been traveling for the past twenty-four hours.

My Man has a Bigwig Conference in Ohio this week, and I'm a'goin' with him. Ouro Branco and Little Prince will be staying with Grandma while I have FIVE DAYS of blessed Me Time at the hotel during the day time and We Time at night (at the hotel.) I plan on Christmas shopping, scrapbooking, sleeping, and buying pants. Since I forgot to pack any. Hrumph. I was a little scatterbrained this time around.

My Man thinks I'm nuts, but truly - what housewife wouldn't KILL for five days of doing whatever I want? With access to a pool and my American Express card? Srsly.

So the flight went okay. Little Prince and Jellybean both slept straight through, little darlings. Ouro Branco not so much - I bet he didn't even get three hours total. He was amazingly happy about it though - he wasn't kicking and screaming, just UP.

I did want to punch this one guy who obviously had anger management issues. He spent the whole nine and a half hours grabbing his hair like some crazy person every time OB made a peep. He'd claw at his face and pant like a bull - even fanning himself to calm down. He rolled his eyes so often I thought they'd permanately be stuck in his head. Look, I'm sorry I have children, buddy. Actually, no I'm not. POW!

So anywho. I'm back. I'm planning on reading every single post of every single one of you from the past two weeks - though I may not write comments on them all. Hopefully the hotel has internet!

And when I'm back in Michigan, I'm going to rock out on Guitar Hero, get all Wii Fit, and beat Super Mario Bros 3 with my brothers. Gab with my mother, watch Twilight with my sister, hang out with my dad, and VEG.

And sled. Sled! There is the most beautiful Norman Rockwell snow scene out the window right now. I was in the pool yesterday - and loving it - but right now I just want a sweater.

And eat Mexican food. And Chinese food. And go to Target. And use the dishwasher. And garbage disposal. And throw away toilet paper in the toilet - revolutionary.



Kristina P. said...

I am so happy to hear from you! I was thinking about you again today, and getting worried.

And you're in the States! Yay for you! Hopefully you'll get a white Christmas.

lizzy-loo said...

we were all so worried, but you are home! right now i wish i were in the states buying pants. 5 days to yourself, heaven. enjoy!!

Becky said...

So you're like excited to be in the States, huh? :)

I was actually thinking about you the other day and I'm glad to hear you haven't been eaten by sharks or poisoned by Brazilian nuts (that can happen, right?) or anything.

Have a fantastic 5 days!!

Pam said...

At church I turned around to see who Sera was flirting with (your bro Steven) and got a glimpse of your hubby. I cannot tell you how elated I was inside. I thought "I swear if Becky walks in I will burst into tears of joy and go and hug her!" This was in the middle of Sacrament meeting so I guess it is a good thing you stayed at home resting. Especially since the topic was reverence. I can not wait to get together when ever you have a spare moment. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!

Heather of the EO said...


Stop scaring me like that, lady!!!

So happy to hear you're home!

The guy on the plane gets a POW from me too. Sucker.

I never even thought about the internet not working. Geez. Yeah, that would make sense. But you know, with all the talk about depression, it'll throw people off a bit.

Sheepishly signing off,

Heather of the EO said...

Oh, that depression thing...

I meant you and ME--not as it sounded. Oh, the comment thing is so tricky with no tone of voice and such.

But um... yeah, I'm silly. Didn't say that right.


Whitney R said...

Yay! I'm glad you are home :) And getting all of the finer things in (the American) life.

Where in Michigan? I have family in Ypsilanti.

Sorry about that weirdo crazy guy steaming out his ear holes. I would have been upset, too.

Bridget said...

Yay for you!!! So glad you got to come back, and until next year too! Woohoo! I hope you have a blast :)

Sarah said...

I was so happy to see your man in the hallway, I almost pounced on him. He looked a little deer-in-the-headlights ish. Might be because he had just arrived in the states. Might be because I am sure I'm not the first one to ask if you were here too.
Anyhow, I hope I get a chance to see you and chat before you go home.
And, if I hadn't seen the man I was going to ask your mom if you were ok and make a blog post for you. Cause people were freaking out.
Ok, I was too.

Erin said...

I'm so glad you are home! And five days to yourself - I bet you will enjoy every single minute, and only miss your kids a teeny, tiny bit.

*MARY* said...

I'm so happy for you! I was getting a little nervouse.
When we flew to and from China with the kids there were a couple people who I wanted to slap too. My kids cried maybe a total of five minutes on an eleven hour plane ride. People can be such jerks. If I was traveling alone and sat next to a family with kids, I would be happy and offer to help anyway I could. Not roll my eyes and give them dirty looks.

heidizinha said...

when do you come see meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??

Abra said...

So glad you're okay :)
And I'm so jealous of your me time! Have fun fun fun!

Brooke said...

I love me time and WE time! It is so fun that you are back in the states! I really understand about the chinese food. Where I live, the closest GOOD chinese food is about 2 1/2 hours away. I got some this weekend and bought extra to bring home. It's so interesting what we don't appreciate until we don't have access to it.

Pezlady Jana said...

So glad that you get a little vacay. You deserve it.

I remember coming home from my mission and being so excited to throw the toilet paper away in the toilet. It is amazing, isn't it?!

Rachel H said...

where in Ohio are you? I am in Ohio! =)
Email me if you want to rhalversen(at)

Lara said...

So excited for you to be home for a while! How wonderful! :)

And that guy on the plane...just reading about him made me want to claw my own face. Some people.