Sunday, December 28, 2008

So long, farewell ....

So we're leaving for Brazil tomorrow. Completely not excited about it. This vacation hasn't been a vacation - it's been a coming home.

Kind of not at all ready to go back. Going back means wrestling three boys by myself during church. Going back means visits, visits, visits and being a shoulder to cry on to dozens of people. Going back means not being completely understood and having no one to really talk to. Going back means WORK.

But let's look on the bright side. Wallowing never did anyone any good. (Or so they say.)

So. Why am I HAPPY to go back to Brazil? Yes. Concentrate on good things.
  • The weather. Right now they are lovin' the sunshine during long, balmy summer days. I look forward to jumping in our pool. Every day. And floating. With my eyes closed.
  • Friends. I've missed them terribly. I could do with a big Brazilian hug.
  • The fruit. I will never be happy again. Once you've had Brazilian fruit, you can never go back.
  • Running. The frigid cold air here rather cramps my exercise style. I have a hard time getting past the whole "freezing boogers" thing. It'll be nice to get back in my thang.
  • Miracles. It is incredible having a front-row seat to the miracles taking place in our church congregration. The gospel truly - TRULY - changes people. I feel so awed and honored to witness it over and over again.
  • MY HOUSE. I love my house. I wish I could airlift it back to the States with us. It will also be nice to NOT live out of a suitcase.
  • The Young Women. I love those girls. I'm not their president anymore (did I mention that? I was released the week before flying out here), but I miss them desperately. I plan on having Guitar Hero jam sessions with them the minute I get back.
  • My skin. And hair. Brazil does wonders for my skin and hair. They're actually rather attractive there. Here? BLECH.
  • Being just us again. I LOVE being with family 24/7. But it's also nice to do our own thing. The kids' routine is totally screwed up. Not to mention our house rules (i.e. only a couple movies a week, limited sugar, strict nap and bedtimes) are KAPUT here.
  • My stuff. I rather miss my hobbies. Here we're always running around from activity to activity. It'll be nice for some down time - quiet afternoons scrapbooking or quilting.

So. Yes. Ready to go home. (Do I sound convincing?)

Also. I still don't have the internet in Brazil. (It went out in November, remember? Yeah. Still down.) So I'll be AWOL for a while. Don't delete me from your Readers - I shall return!

Happy New Year everyone. Don't write anything interesting while I'm gone!



Kristina P. said...

I'm sure the States will miss you! Have a safe trip and a happy new year!

Lara said...

Good luck, I know how you feel!

Jen said...

You really did a pretty good job making Brazil look good. Hope all those positives make it easy to go!

So sad you'll be AWOL - but I'm sure we'll all be waiting when you get hooked up.

(And happy traveling with the kids. Is that an oxymoron?)

Sarah said...

Safe journey! Hope to see you again soon. You still owe us dinner :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Be safe! Hope to see you soon! (((HUGS))) :) Shauna

JustRandi said...

What!??? They haven't fixed your internet yet?
Maybe you should boycott Brazil until they have better sense.

You can come stay with me, and I promise to have Guitar Hero Sessions every single day.

And then later, I'll come to Brazil to stay with you!

Heather of the EO said...

Aw, I feel for you. So hard to switch that big of a gear. Hang in there, lady. I hope the trip goes smoothly and you feel peaceful when you open the door to your house. :)

Annette Lyon said...

Happy trip! Hope your internet gets fixed real fast. We'll be here when you are.

The Prices said...

Good luck! While I know nothing of being away from the states, I know a lot about being away from family. Haven't seen mine in about a year :( Good friends help as I'm sure you know.

kristi said...

Well, I love ya and it was so nice to see you while you were here. I wish that our boys could play together more often.

lizzy-loo said...

so glad you had a wonderful time in the states. i know for me i am always ready to go home - to wherever i may be - after that long vacation in the u.s. it is nice to get back to my life and agenda. happy traveling. take a couple of small wrapped gifts and pull them out when things get tough on the plane. good luck.

Abra said...

I think, even when you do move back to the States, there's gonna be things you miss from Brazil.
I think if I ever moved back to the States, I would miss NOTHING about Canada, except my swim teams.
The cold can stay.
The snow can stay.
But if I were to leave somewhere warm, to trade up I'd miss the pool, I'd miss the running, I'd miss the fruit.
Good people are everywhere, and easy to find.
So travel safe, I hope you enjoy Brazil again (I'd give my left leg to be there right now although, that would hinder the running, so my left arm...)
Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

johnny said...

having camped out in la for 6 years, i know that "awesome weather" bit is no small thing :-)

good luck! xoxo.

Abra said...

Hey Crazy Girl! I left you an award for a lovely blog! Swing on by and pick it up :)

Jan said...

Happy New Year over there. Hope all is well.

charrette said...

Wow - I can only imagine! But whenever you need to talk and be have dozens of blog friends to turn to. (Once you get re-connected.)

Have a great trip. We'll miss you.