Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I won the Principal's award in middle school

I can totally brag about this because it's the only thing that this coveted prize ever afforded me. Oh, and a piece of paper that is sitting in a box somewhere in my mother's basement.

Yet I recognize this award for what it is: a consolation prize. I did a lot of extracurricular activities in both middle and high school, but I never excelled in any of them. I think the principal was trying to tell me that he felt sorry for me. I deserved to get SOMETHING for my "never give up" attitude, right?

I participated in show choir and drama club - always in the background, a no-name character with a few lines. I did forensics - and never won anything. Cheerleading (to the everlasting ridicule of my brothers) - but I quit after one semester because I soooooo did not fit the profile. I did yearbook, NHS, tutoring, SADD, art, peer mediation and I don't know what else. Mostly because I didn't have much of a social life.

So I was thinking about my revered Principal's Award today and a repressed memory resurfaced: I ran for class secretary, too.

I truly do not what I was thinking. I was the quintessential nerd in middle school. Side ponytail. Coke bottle glasses. Braces with bands that coordinated with the upcoming holiday. I still played with My Little Ponies til freshman year of high school. Yup.

But encouraged by my loving mother (who is forbidden to comment on this post), I made dozens of posters with my name and slogan. The dreaded Voting Day arrived. I was required to give some kind of speech, and I swear before the Blogging Gods that Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite gave the same speech I did when I was thirteen years old. (But I didn't have dancing moon boots to back me up.)

I lost. I lost to a girl named Jenny Butts who I met the day of the vote. And you know what? I LIKED her. A really really lot. She was pretty and engaging and cool. And kind enough to make friends with me, her "rival" (though there was really no competition.)

I actually ended up voting for her.

This memory recently surfaced because I suddenly find myself in the same situation.

The other day I got an email from a truly awesome blogger at Real Mom, Real Life. (Check her out if you haven't already!) She informed me that she had nominated me for the Mormon Mommy Blogs' March Spotlight. (That really was a lot of capital letters, bytheway.)

Well! Of course I immediately felt extremely fond of the whole world and hopped on over to the MMBMS post. I had a grand total of THREE votes - enough for the lead! WHOO-HOO!

I skipped around the house most of this morning. It really is a beautiful day, isn't it?

But this afternoon, when I started to think about thinking about dinner, I checked again - cuz I'm cumpulsive like that. And I'm losing. To a blog called The Chocolate Chip Waffle. Of course I had to check out my competition, so I hopped on over.

And dang. She's good. Like, I-would-be-ashamed-to-show-my-bloggy-face-if-I-actually-beat-her-out good.

So yeah, vote for me, vote for her, whatever. I won the Principal's award in middle school, so I'm good either way.


Kristina P. said...

Well, I'll try to make it 4!!

Natasha said...

I laughed when I read that you voted for the other secretary. I was not so generous when I ran for secretary in middle school, myself! I lost to a friend who just acted all phony chummy with all the grade sevens so they'd vote for her and then she was a total slacker with her position. It was NOT RIGHT, I tell you.

It's an honour to be nominated. I haven't been nominated. So you're cooler than me.

Is the blog a food blog? I have trouble believing a food blog would beat you out. Unless it was like, Cakewrecks-type material. Or really well written. But I'll go inform myself. And vote for you.

Rocketgirl said...

This is a fabulous entry. Not beggy, honest and hilllarious. Showcases the reason you are so absolutely adorable - you are gorgeous and smart, but you know what the other side looks like. I totally voting for you :)

Real Mom, Real Life said...

Maybe Miss Butts (unfortunate name by the way) is the "face" behind the CCCblog. But I don't care. You make you own cherrios AND deliver possums AND have an uber cute little brother. I vote for you! Hey and thanks for the shout out!

Rocketgirl said...

Wait, now I can't find the link anywhere. I can't vote for you if I have no link - I looked all over the Mormon Mommy Blogs and can't find it. Help!!

Sarah said...

I was looking for it too, but I think right now you can only nominate people not actually vote.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I nominated you too! Good luck!

::Jan:: said...

I nominated you little momma

Rachel H said...

You are seriously too cute. And funny! Three cheers for nerds... I felt like one too...especially with the being in every club imaginable too! I maybe didn't look super nerdy, but I was the one and only goody-two shoes-"square mormon" in school and I FELT it.

I say just keep up the great work!

heidizinha said...

i still think it's so weird that other people read your blog and don't know you as the my-little-pony playing person you are.

i'd like to tell them all so they can be really really jealous--

i know you. personally.

neener, neener, neener.

Kazzy said...

I loved your physical description of yourself! Laughed out loud at that! Congrats on your award!

Hunter Hawks PTA said...

You're so funny! I can't believe you didn't vote for yourself in middle school. I'm so voting for you!

kiwibabee said...

I still have my little ponies and barbies and my kids are not allowed to touch them. At least you won something. In the states my husband was constantly winning things off the radio. I miss that.

Kellie said...

I think it's time for you to win!

Barbaloot said...

Congrats! I'm glad you were told that you got nominated---I found out at the end of the competition when I was:) Good luck!!

And also-I think they invented the academic athlete award in jr. high/high school for all those of us that participated but weren't all that impressive.

Deb said...

Isn't it amazing how that junior high nerd never goes away?

Good luck in the competition!

Annie Valentine said...

Must. Go. Vote.

My hubby asked me yesterday if I'd ever want to live in Brazil. You can guess I about jumped out of my skin, "I know That Girl In Brazil! Of course! I've already got FRIENDS there!"

Perhaps in the next year or two. It's now in my top three places to transfer (because of you).

trublubyu said...

yay for your nomination! i hope you win the vote. so cool. good luck.

wonder woman said...

Edit this post and LINK, lady!!!

I'm so voting for you.

I like an underdog. ;)

nikkicrumpet said...

You crack me up....you link to your competition...then don't link to where we can vote for you. You are a big doofus and I love you. And even though you didn't make it easy. I am going to find where to vote and vote...I hope it's not too late.