Sunday, April 5, 2009

More. (Yet another post about conference)

Kicked off the weekend right with an hour long walk with myself. It's good for the soul, clearing out the cobwebs in time for its biannual spring cleaning.

Then we had blueberry white chocolate chip waffles. Also very, very good for the soul.

And then I basked at the feet of prophets for two days.

What I learned from General Conference this year:

I am nothing.
But I can do anything.
I need to study my scriptures more fervently.
I need to pray with more purpose.
I need to serve and sacrifice more.
I need to talk about the gospel more.
I need to dedicate myself to my family more.
I need to be more adaptable to change.
I need to go to the temple more (and not rush in to the session.)
I need to murmur less and be more grateful.
I need to use the Atonement more.
I need to be more like Christ.


Kristina P. said...


Melonie said...

MMM hmm. Sing it, sister. RE: the last line: we all do... for sure!

(And you also need to post a recipe for those waffles.)

Erin said...

What a great overview! Yes, it's all true. For all of us.

templework said...

The weekend was WONDERFUL wasn't it!!!

Mommadj5 said...

Hmmm...interesting. Yes, I heard all of those things and have much to work on personally. However I was lifted up by the messages of "be of good cheer", there is reason to be happy in spite of adversity, bear your burdens with patience, all things will give you experience and strength etc. With these hard times I heard over and over how to be and remain happy. Loved Uncle's talk!! Hugs & Kisses.

wonder woman said...

I need to go to the temple more often, and just be better in general about how I do.

Give myself to my family scriptures more.....serve more......share the gospel more.....yes, yes, and yes.

janae said...

Yay for goals! Sam and I both set about a billion (more like 10-30) goals every general conference. We actually put each one on a post it note and place them on our bathroom mirror. Then we take down each post it when we've done the goal. The plan: to finish all the goals by the next conference. Not that you need to know that. I have no clue what I'm talking about. This is why I shouldn't comment on people's blogs after 10 pm. My brain turns to mush and I start babbling. ;)

Jan the crazy lady said...

It's the temple for me. Big time. We have one here and I don't go enough. This was such a great weekend. Clear to Brazil.

rad6 said...

I love how you put it all into such understandable form. I can never condense that well. I loved that I will not be wearing my watch in the temple anymore. Now that I think about it, it really does distract me. My areas seem to focus on living more providently, temple worship, and missionary work. Favorite talk was Elder Holland. Wow. So amazing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Lara said...

Excellent overview. Loved conference, and I am always sad to see it end for another six months.

The temple was huge for me. We just have slacked on that big time!

trublubyu said...

there was so much to feast on this general conference. i feel full to overflowing and i am feverishly flapping my arms all around to hold it all in my overflowing cup.

love your insights.

Tiffany said...

Amen to all you said:
And...I don't need to fear or complain. My life is GREAT because I know who I am, I have the gospel, I have a Father who loves me and a Savior who is always with me.

I love General Conference. :)

KC Mom said...

That's a great summary of the talks given.
How can you go wrong with a great weekend of walking, waffles and conference!

Brittany Ann said...

I loved conference this year. I always do. But this year it seems like I came out with a stronger conviction to be a better member. I havea testimony of the church, I know it's true. I just want to make sure I'm always living like that's the case.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Love your summary. And I love that when we walk away from conference, we all have our own little list... a collection of steps toward our potential. Good stuff.

kura2025 said...

The list is oh-so-familiar.
My chocolate and peanut butter chip pancakes pale in comparison to your blueberry and white chocolate waffles...I'd love to try those!

janel said...

Well, it looks like you're doing number six as we speak. Or type.

Shooting Starchild said...

I need to go to the Temple more ("say it softly...say it with capital T" - Elder Holland, loved that) too! I need to open my mouth more too - if you have any missionary moments, please share them, I'd love to hear and be inspired.

I don't know if this will help you with your scripture study, but I found that my expectations for myself were too high. I've been doing better since I changed my expectations of myself. Since I'm doing better I've been feeling better about my personal worthiness, which makes it easier to read and I'm hoping I can soon add in study habits that will make my scripture time more meaningful.

The Motherboard said...

What I got was that I need to repent. I have been a major slacker!

I love conference! Such a wonderful, needed break from the world!