Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Way Things Are

We will never have a perfect people. Not everyone we teach will listen. Even the Three Nephites, who were promised an eternity without pain or suffering, still hurt for the sins of the people.

It makes me sad.


There ARE plenty who DO listen. Who DO change their lives.
And that happiness is worth everything else.

I would also like to point out that I. Love. My. Kids. Even when I wrestle Isaac all during sacrament meeting and wonder why the heck I bothered going today, there's still Nathan. Who went through the same phase and now sits quietly playing, reading books about Jesus and telling me that he feels good when he follows His teachings.

We're here to have JOY!

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Lisa Fox said...

I just have to tell you. This sunday we had stake confrence and it was a broadcast which was absolutely wonderful, how do I know, because i actually got to listen to it, well the majority. I brought a piece of paper for each of my 2 older girls wrote 3 common words found in talks and had them listen for it and put a mark each time. It was magical, they were so excited when they heard the words and sat so still for the whole 2 hours. Now jillian was another thing, but having the older girls sit there so revrently made it all the better. Just thought i'd share.