Sunday, March 16, 2008

Irmas em Sion

I. Love. Relief Society.

In celebration of this wonderful organization, I spent all day at a rented "chacara" yesterday, eating prime churrasco, cake and ice cream, being spiritually uplifted and laughing my head off. My cheeks hurt today.

I have a confession to make. For most of my life, I've always hated the hymn "Sisters in Zion." I thought it was cheesy, overused and just plain boring. It lacked oomph. I always much preferred "Elders of Israel." Way cooler.
But then I came here. I distinctly remember my very first Sunday in Brazil - almost four years ago. I was scared out of my mind. I didn't speak two words in Portuguese and didn't know a soul. I let go of Steve's hand as I walked into Relief Society - he gave me a reassuring smile and I tried not to cry. The meeting started. A lady stood up and said some stuff, none of which I understood. But then the piano commenced the introduction of that old favorite, "Sisters in Zion."

This time, I didn't even try holding back the tears - but for a completely different reason.

Even though I couldn't communicate at all with these women, they were still my sisters. I was so floored by the fact that I can go anywhere in the world and find a group of valiant women, searching for the same things I'm searching for - with the same values and beliefs and interests. Sisters. That really and truly, we're all the same - not scary at all. Sisters.

I've loved that hymn ever since.

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