Thursday, March 6, 2008

Joke's on Me

So I've discovered the devil has a sense of humor. EVERY time I set up a sleepover with the Young Women, I get sick. EVERY TIME. It's gotten to be actually funny. We have one set for tomorrow and today, I wake up with a Mother-of-all-Colds. Throat, nose, fever, exhaustion, etc. HI-larious.

Of course, I will have the sleepover anyway. I always do. But once again, it means that I will most likely be unable to stay up late talking and playing like I WANT to do. I look forward to these sleepovers more than anything else because it's the best way to bond with them. And I swear the adversary knows that and trips me up every time. Grrrrr.

No, wait, I'm laughing.
Also, a picture of me and my baby bump, because it was requested. Thanks to my favorite photographer in the world, 3-year-old Nathan. (Although it's a few weeks old, as evidenced by my long hair.) I started my sixth month this past Monday! Doesn't six sound sooooooo much better than five?!


heidizinha said...

and you still look amazing!!

Lisa Fox said...

Look at that cute bump, i love it. Any hey it least you still hold it, that shows the girls more than any old lucifer can :)

Kim (Davis) Loudon said...

You are so tiny still! All I have to say is AMEN in regards to the comment you left on my blog.\"/ They'll never know what it is REALLY like! It's all ice cream cones and days at the park. HA! When is your due date? Have I told you lately that I just MISS the heck out of you!?!?!?!? Hope you are doing ok and recuperating from camp and all your other callings.\"/