Tuesday, May 13, 2008


About half of our Family Home Evenings are acting out scripture stories. All of them are well-received, but last night's "Samuel the Lamanite" was an especial hit. We played it all this morning as well.

Nathan particularly enjoyed portraying the wicked Nephites. (Dad went all out and made a whole bunch of cardboard bows and arrows.)

I was the courageous Samuel the Lamanite. (The picture in the book shows Samuel with a headband thingie. Thus, it had to be.)

Isaac was also a wicked Nephite, and really enjoyed chasing Mom out of the city! (P.S. Like his buzz cut? He'd make the perfect Nazi ...)

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Kim (Davis) Loudon said...

We do that too! The kids LOVE it, remember what they learn, and it doesn't take huge amounts of prep. time.\"/ What is the count down? You are such a cute mommy! I need all your secrets....I know you have a million up your sleeve.\"/ LOVE YA!