Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a zoo out there

On our way to the zoo last week, My Man decided to film this highly educational video of Sao Paulo traffic.

Pictures of the zoo will have to wait, as is experiencing internal technical difficulties. Apparently. Hrumph.


Elizabeth said...

I am now going to post video of myself being cute on my blog so you can miss me as much as I now miss you. You jerk. :P

Megan, Peter, and Benjamin said...

That is so awesome! Okay, probably more scary than anything when you guys saw that for the first time! Thanks for sharing such a fun experience from the great South! I will have to put a video up so you can experience the great white North!! YAY! Miss you guys!

Floyd said...

Wow - Thank you for reminding me how much I don't like Sao Paulo. Driving there was the craziest! While I really miss Brasil, some things I don't miss.

Glad to see you are back blogging!

West Family said...

Love it! I am sure my husband has seen a few of those cases :)