Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo ... how about you, you, you ...

Raffi. I sang it all day.

So every year on August 15th we go to the zoo. It's a holiday in Jundiai, but not Sao Paulo, which means My Man has work off and the zoo's not too crowded. It's a beautiful thing.

We ate zoo food for lunch. The best thing about it was watching Little Prince play in line.

These are My Man's favorites - their colors always stun me. It's like I can't tear my eyes away - they blend in so beautifully one to another ... so vibrant, so deep .... These birds are HUGE, too. Like as tall as my arm.

Little Prince's consistent favorites are the giraffes. Ouro Branco demonstrates here that they have looooong necks.

The picture is blurry (sorry) but these monkeys were so dang cute I had to snap them. They were running all over the place, playing tag and wrestling. LP looked at me knowingly and said, "Mom, they're brothers, huh." They must be.

Jellybean was absolutely thrilled to be at the zoo.

I don't know why I insisted on bringing the double stroller. OB did a monkey interpretation every five minutes out of it.

This picture makes me laugh. That's a good enough reason to post it.

I am like a little kid at the zoo. A giggling, hyper little kid. I never tire of it. I just drag my patient family along with me from one exhibit to the next. It just makes me feel all bubbly inside. I actually cried at both the chimps and orangutan. They have such human, emotive faces. I wanted to hug them. One of the mommy chimps had a baby with her, and the way all the chimps handled him, so sweetly, so loving ... well, it made me bubbly. And warm. And happy.

Til next year!


Jared said...

I love the pictures! I noticed your stroller. I got the same one at Salvation Army for $15.00. I found out on the internet that the retail around $400. Good deal eh! I am so glad that you are back on blogging.

Bella said...

Hey! I was so surprised to see your comment, thinking my blog isn't worth reading except for my family, since we live away from everyone. Then I was thinking, oh this must be someone my husband knows, since he served a mission in Brasil. So, I clicked on your blog and realized you were Americans and just thought, why not write back? My husband and I went to Brasil a few years after we were married and I LOVED IT! Before kids, when you actually had time. haha Anyways, did you like the book? I guess I should do a blog on it, but I am still waiting for people to read it. Anyways, have a great day and your kids are so cute!