Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Warning: your nerd factor may go up after reading this

For the past few mornings I have been waking up to this:

No worries - My Man is still my man, and Zanessa is still going strong; the tween population has no need to hyperventilate. It's just that his face is on my ceiling. And walls. And above the mirror. And even on the floor.
During my stay here at Hotel Mom n Pop, my room was previously occupied by my thirteen-year-old sister. The accommodations are pleasant, the bed comfortable, Twilight within easy reach and Jonas Brothers CDs galore. Stacks of Twist magazines double as excellent footrests and amusing reading. ("OMG! Like, Joe Jonas TOTALLY dug Taylor Swift's concert and it looks like he's her new BF! Swoon!" And I'm not even kidding.)
My little sis knows the birthdays, pet names, shoe size and astrological signs (as well as compatibilities) of every star on the Disney channel. She has all the lyrics from High School Musical memorized - and could probably recite the "pop ups" that accompany the music videos as well.
It's common knowledge in our household that if you want to call my sister for dinner, you better either send electromagnetic waves to secretly disable her iPod or undergo a stealth operation to remove her headphones. This mission is reserved for only the top field agents, since they're superglued to her ears.
Her friends are the same way. She is so normal in this regard you may wonder why I'm mentioning it at all.
It's probably because I wasn't like that.
The very first CD I bought was Ace of Base of "I Saw the Sign" non-fame. I was fourteen. I then proceeded to fill my CD case with music 'everyone else listened to.' I actually listened to about half of it. Maybe. When my parents called me for dinner, they just stood at the bottom of the stairs and yelled. Shocking, I know.
I remember studying the words to Barenaked Ladies so that I could sing along with my friends. (Chickity china - the chinese chicken - have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin' ....) I vividly remember my friends dragging me to see Titanic for the first time - and having no idea who was in it. Afterwards, I made "I love Leo" montages out of newspaper and magazine clippings .... because my friends did. Because it was expected of me. Because that was what I was supposed to do. I was a follower all the way through high school, until I finally discovered who I was and was comfortable with it.
And now I look at my sister, who has already been to concerts (I was a senior in high school before I went to my first concert - and almost peed my pants at the heady maturity of it), is a music connoisseur, and knows more about celebrity gossip than the celebrities.
So what's the deal? Is it because I was the oldest and she the youngest? Is it "just kids these days?" Or am I just inescapably uncool? I have always been so out of it as far as trends are concerned.
Confession. Never seen Lost. Or The Office - even one episode. I don't even KNOW what shows I'm missing.
Yup. Definitely uncool.


Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I'm hopelessly uncool as well. I'm considering just embracing the parts I like and hiding the other parts under a layer of chocolate. ;o)

Lara said...

You know what? I am just as totally uncool. I have never really been into pop culture...except for the couple years when I tried to pretend. I thought Mackenzie Astin was cute, so there was a picture of him in my locker. After that...whatev.

Now I unashamedly listen to my opera and watch Antiques Roadshow. I've seen one episode of the Office and was totally unimpressed. I do like 24 though.

Brooke said...

I don't even know who that kid is in the picture, but I can appreciate a good looking face when I see one. I'm super uncool, too. Though, I do like LOST. You should watch it.

heidizinha said...

becky, i can't even comment on anything besides to tell you that you are being held hostage in my house when you come and we're watching lost together.

kristi said...

Did I teach you nothing when we were teenagers :) You are so funny and this post is so you :) However, I beg to differ and think that you ARE way cool.

Heather of the EO said...

I don't know. I think there's more and more of a focus on that stuff these days. But it's probably just that she has a different personality than you.
When I went to Twilight I was SHOCKED at the craze of it all. Hundreds of thirteen to sixteen year olds SCREAMING every time a male came on the screen. I couldn't help but think of how many of those young girls were pretending. Just fooling themselves into thinking they care THAT much about a fictional character simply because everyone else does. And now I'm rambling.

Hey, um. Do you submit your stuff to the blogger's annex? Because you totally should. You're such a good writer and your posts are Excellent! (with a capital E)

Pezlady Jana said...

Ace of Base? ME TOO! Your little sis sounds exactly like my 10 year old. Seriously. HUbby and I joke that if we want her to listen to us say something then we need to have Zac record it in a song and let her listen to it over and over and over.

I don't watch the Office either, and everyone tells me that I am missing out. But I do watch Lost, and you are not missing out there cuz that show is Con.Fus.INg.

Becky said...

You know, I think nerds are the coolest kind of people. I wasn't ever like your sister, either. I never bought a CD until my college days.

I was madly in love with Harrison Ford and I do love Lost, so maybe I'm only 1/2 nerd??

Christa Jeanne said...

I, too, was hopelessly uncool until my peers showed me the way in high school. By the end I was hopelessly in love with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (an early indication of my questionable taste in men, haha). So, no worries.

Now I have a little 11-year-old sister who's even more clueless than I was, and I'm trying to get her into the world of hip things. I think I'm more into "High School Musical" than she is!

Well, there is much to be said for figuring out who you are, what you like, and embracing it. I, for one, think you're all kinds of awesome.

But, seriously - you GOTTA see "The Office"!!! It's all kinds of hijinks and hilarity!

Erin said...

You and I are like the same person. Ace of Base? Check. Titanic without knowing Leo? Check. Never seen LOST or The Office? Check.

I still think you're awesome. Does that make me awesome too?

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm proud to say that I've never hung up a picture of any celebrity that I can remember, and I was a comfortable pop-culture nerd. But that's not such a bad thing to wake up to in the morning, famous or not. :)

Elizabeth said...

What's "The Office"? I've heard of Lost. Okay, I've never seen a single episode of Survivor or American Idol, and I don't even know what the current "but EVERYONE watches them" shows are.

In fact... who IS cool? And do they have actual lives? Who has time for that stuff? I mean, besides junior high and high school students?

Elizabeth said...

Okay, I'm happily married. That picture should NOT have given me heart palpitations. And dude, he is SO too young for me even if I were NOT eternally attached. (eek! Don't tell Darcy!)

Anonymous said...

It's possible I'm uncool... I know all the lyrics to all three HSM soundtracks and I'm 29. Well, to be fair, my oldest son is a big fan, but well... really?

Laugh it off. Everyone's different!

Blessings, Whitney

holley family said...

13???!!! seroiously? already, wait then that would make me... ugh. i'm going back to bed...

so how long are you guys staying in brazil?

Harmony said...

OH... MY... GOODNESS! Becky, I think we ARE the same person! The first CD I ever bought was also Ace of Base "I Saw the Sign"! Wow, that is super cool.