Monday, March 9, 2009

Mommy Monday

I've kinda been slackin' on the Mommy Mondays lately. In part because I always forget what day it is. Also because I didn't think anyone really cared - besides my own mother, who thinks it's cute.

But last week I got a couple requests for the return of tips on how to be the Coolest Mommy on the Block for preschoolers. So HERE WE GO.


This is one of those "duh" tips. I distinctly remember when my own mommy (the Coolest Mommy on the Block in her own right) told me to just let Little Prince paint with water for hours of stress-free fun.

Eureka! Why didn't I ever think of that?!

We have now developed all kinds of water-play fun. Any suggestions of your own are welcome, as always.
  • "Painting" with water. Paintbrush. Water. That's it. (Although it's even MORE fun when chalk is involved.)
  • Ice cube painting - sprinkle a piece of paper with Kool-aid or some other kind of powdered drink mix and spread it around with an ice cube. Very cool designs - and edible, too!
  • For those of you buried in snow, fill a spray bottle with colored water and "decorate" your yard or snowman.
  • "Wash" the walls. Don't laugh. My kids LOVE doing this. Just give 'em a wet sponge and have at it.
  • Make "soap crayons." Take about 1 1/2 cups of soap powder (like Ivory Snow), add food coloring and 1/2 cup of water. Let harden in small containers or an ice cube tray. You can "color" the walls during bathtime or outside (in the summer, obviously.)
  • Water balloons. Nuff said.
  • Play the "waterfall game." This is for young kids. Fill a container with water and take turns dropping pennies in. The game ends when one player drops in the penny that makes the water overflow. (Very. Very fun.)
  • You can also "drown the penny." Using a rubber band, secure a tissue or napkin over a water-filled glass. Place a penny on top, and take turns poking the tissue with a pencil until the penny finally falls.
  • Make a "sprinkler" out of an old milk jug. Just poke holes in the bottom, fill with water, and tell your toddler to make sure EVERYTHING gets a drink.

I recognize that most of these are for summertime play. File them away for later use!


Kristina P. said...

These are all great ideas! Love the snow one.

janae said...

I have done a number of these, but I had forgotten about quite a few of them, and never thought of others. I'm excited to try them - thanks!

Jen said...

If you ever move back to the states, you should move next to me. My kids would love your house.

Nikki said...

My kids will LOVE me today. I'm going to start with the ice cube painting or maybe the painting with water. I know they'd love to wash the walls too.

I'd love to try spraying the snow with colored water. But I'll wait until it's at least above zero degrees to try it.

Kimberly said...

I am so bookmarking this post! Genius!

Mommadj5 said...

Ok - you made me feel good! You forgot to mention that the water painting is mostly an outside activity done on the sidewalk or driveway (in swimsuits a bonus!)Is that just obvious to everyone? Love you, Mom

in time out said...

HEY...congrats on winning on the Mormon Mommy Blog. Amazing. And such a tribute to you. I love your blog.

If you get a chance to read this blog post let me know what you think. My aunt is an amazing woman, and I feel that I want EVERYONE I read here on the web to know it about her. She has helped me so much.

Your post about your young men has really been in my heart. THanks for writing and inspiring.