Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's in a name?

So lots of inquiring minds were concerned about my name. My bloggy name, to be exact.
(I like the REplaced Americans. Cute n' catchy.)

But how long will it last? Will I still be just "replaced" after six months? A year? Six years? I suuuuuure hope I'll be well used to America by then.

I can't go The Arizonian Americans, because first of all that's weird, and second of all, what if we move again? Don't name your blog after your address, friends, it creates problems.

I kinda like "My Corner," though My Man squinted one eye, opened the other one wide, and did a funky thing with his mouth when I tried it out on him. Plus it's taken by some random dude who likes Lord of the Rings and hasn't written since 2002. Jerk. (Bless his heart.)

But this leads me to another naming problem.
What should my name be in the States?

I was Rebecca throughout my childhood, and it gradually morphed into Becky in middle and high school. College, too. (Although my roommate called me Rebecca Anastasia.) But when I married I felt like I should permanately switch to Rebecca - much more grown up and matronly. (Even though I always feel like I'm in trouble when someone calls me by my full name. YOU know what I mean.)
Everyone calls me Rebecca in Brazil - pronounced, "hey, BECCA!" which I don't like. I also have the delightful nickname "Re" which sounds like "hey." So personal.

But with moving comes unlimited freedom. I can introduce myself as anything I want. Maxine or Latisha or Fulana. Or George.
Have you noticed how feelings are associated with names? I hated a Lauren in elementary school, and had prejudices against the name til I met a really cute Lauren at BYU. I also can never like a Jolene cuz that was My Man's ex-girlfriend. (If you read this, HI! Bless your heart.)
Most Rebeccas I know are tall, beautiful, and have long, swinging hair. Very chic and reserved. Kind of dramatic looking. Not very ME, in other words. Beckys seem to be shorter, perky, gum-snapping types who smile a lot. Sorta kinda me. Not really.
I've had lots of people tell me I look like an Elizabeth. What does THAT mean? (Although I must say I like almost every Elizabeth I know. Liz and Lyzs too. Beths not so much. Besides the Little Women one, of course. Bless her heart.)
My mom tells me I was almost a Katherine. (With a K, cuz I like it better.)
So what do YOU think my name should be?


SO said...

Since you'll be moving to AZ how about "Bringing the Heat" or "Hot Mama with family on the side" or
"Keeping it Cool"

Not the greatest...but it's the Best I've got right now.

Hey, how about "Bend it Like Becca/Beckster"?

Do you like Beckster as a nick name? It's early here.

Melonie said...

Okay, the blessing of the hearts has me about ready to grab a Depends. I wish I could relive the "Bless Her Heart" conversation I had with my staff during a meeting in TN years ago. It was definitely a pee first or proceed at your own peril type of convo.

That said... yeah, I'm not diggin' "My Corner". I'm glad it's taken by a LOTR loving jerk (bless his heart). No offense. (Have you ever noticed people think adding "no offense" to an insult means they are excused from being polite and are allowed to be as mean as they want - and YOU aren't allowed to be offended? PAH.)

As for the name.... may I suggest Bekah? Well I guess in your case it'd be Becca - which doesn't really work based on your experiences (and I knew a reeeally nasty Becca once. Let's just say she was um, a lady of the night, and leave it there.) I have a Bekah tho. So I have a preference for that.

That said, my daughter's namesake was a Rebecca (we just used the Biblical spelling so she could be the same as her Aunt Becky, but also different)... and in certain circles that Rebecca went by REBA.

Might be worth a try-on....especially in Arizon. REBA is very Southwestern to me (and she was from New Mexico, so ya know - it kinda suits this whole Arizona thing!)

PS As for the man's ex-girlfriend... I sometimes want to scream.... I have a dear friend named Sabine who is like a daughter to me (former exchange student from Germany)... but my hubby has an ex (ALSO from Germany!) named Sabrina. Imagine the bind that puts me in emotionally whenever I think of my "daughter", Sabine, now!!! Blech.

Wordy enough yet??? LOL I know...shut up. (Bless my heart.)

Katrina said...

You've obviously given this a lot of thought. Understandably of course. :-)

What about Becca?

LisAway said...

I would call you Very Funny. (bless your heart.)

Shantel said...

Well, acoording to Bruce R. McKonkie (so mispelled) Rebekah is the most influencial women in all of scripture. So I would go with Rebekah. With that explantaion attched. You could say "Hi. I'm Rebekah. Bruce R. says Rebekah rocks. That's me." I think it works.

Sarah said...

HA! You're funny, girl! And I dunno what you will pick to go by, but I'm pretty sure it won't matter because people will end up calling you Becky or Rebecca depending on their taste. You know I'm right. I personally think of you as Becky because that's how we were introduced. I have heard your mom call you both - but I digress.
The blog name - I don't really think you'll have to change it right away. I mean, you'll probably still feel a tad misplaced for a while until you 'settle' at which point something clever is sure to reveal itself. The Replaced Americans sounds like you've been substituted for very cute clones. Just sayin.
Btw, love YOU.

Brittany Ann said...

Wow, you know my mind in blank right now. Give me a second.....The American Royal Family. You know, 'cause of Little Yeah, I'm sorry. I just couldn't come up with anything better. The good news is, your very creative nd chances are good that you'll come up with something really good!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I say just introduce yourself as a different name (Bec, Rebecca, Becky, Becca, Fulana...) every time you meet someone and then let them work it out amongst themselves. Eventually you'll end up with one that sticks. :)

As for the blog name, what about the Brazilian words for "our home" or "home sweet home" and that little heritage can follow you wherever you go. Good luck though, I know it's almost like naming a child.

Brooke said...

I've got nothing. I stink at coming up with anything creative. I don't care much for the name of my blog, but whatever. I see some people's and think "man, I wish I was more creative!". I like Rebecca or becky, too. Good luck!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Misplaced Americans, Re-placed- Since you are so associated with it already.

As far as your own personal name- what do people call you that is the most comfortable? And- unless you introduce yourself as Hey Becca, we won't call you that.

My son gives me frequent reminders of the H instead of R sound.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

oh- and the second part- instead of living in Brazil- back from Brazil-

Christa Jeanne said...

How funny - I just had this sort of conversation with another Rebecca friend last night! As I told her, I don't think I've ever met a Rebecca I didn't like (and yes, you were among those who came to mind, m'dear). It is more grown up than Becky... but, I don't know. Becky is how I met you, so to me, at least, Becky/Becks is who you'll forever be. But I'm definitely a fan of "Rebecca."

Oh, and I'm not diggin' "My Corner" either. I like "Replaced Americans" - it's a cute way to change the name but keep it the same, too. :)

Mommadj5 said...

So I have to ask - what is wrong with Rebecca? I'm not sure if I'm insulted or not - since you have been called "Hey-becca" for 5 years now, Rebecca will a change. You will always be that to me, even though I "slip up" and call you Becky once in a while - ah the power of friends. BTW - you were almost KATHRYN, not Katherine!!

InkMom said...

I say come up with a really obscure, memorable symbol and then we'll call your blog "The Blog Formerly Known as 'The Misplaced Americans'".

And unless you can retrain your husband and the rest of your family, I'm afraid you're stuck with the one you were given at birth. And besides, hasn't that name served you well? I like who you have become under the "Rebecca" aka "Becky" you've been your whole life . . . not that I know you that well. But remember, relocating to Arizona is not the witness protection program. When they give you a new name, they give you a new personality, a new background, a new history, and a new future. All you're getting is a new future, and those other things are inevitably and inextricably tied to Becky. So stick with what works. We like you that way!

Kristina P. said...

How About, the Blog That Shall Not Be Named?

And I like Rebecca and Becca.

Melanie J said...

I'm telling you, blessing hearts makes all the difference.

my closest Rebecca friend alwasy went by Bex, and that was alway my favorite. I would totally name a girl that just to call her Bex because I like it so much.

Jen said...

You could always try something no one else is going for yet - you know, be a trend setter. How about taking the over-used "Becca", and changing it to "beh-CAH!!!"?

I think if you flapped your arms whilst saying this, it would be very effective. Bless my heart.

Jen said...

Okay, I know the whole beh-CAH!!! thing has tempted you, but after much deliberation I'm voting for Bex. So cool. I can totally see you as a Bex.

Tobi said...

I'm sorry to say it but I'm really glad your hubs didn't like the name "My Corner". It's sorta overdone and it's the name of my Dad's blog. But he's not the jerk with the extreme love of LOTR. I'm sure you'll think of something awesome to name your blog.

I like Bex! I think that's cute but if your going mature and suave I would probably choose Rebecca.

Megan said...

"The fair-haired squishy queen," of course!


"Living in the Land of Desolation"


"Pao de Becky"




whatever the heck you wanna call it! We'll still follow your wit!

janae said...

THIS is the problem with my name. You can't shorten Janae. You can't nickname Janae. Okay, except for Nae ... which sound remarkably like what horses say. I need a new name too. :)

ps. I am sooooo taking credit for the Replaced Americans. (Even if you thought of it on your own at the same time as me.) Another comment even called it clever. I feel so proud!

JustRandi said...

This post reminds me of Anne of Green Gables---
"Would you call me Cordelia?"


How about That Girl That Used to be In Brazil.

I know, I'm not really helpful. Just goofy.

The Prices said...

Okay, seriously, did we really know each other growing up? The girl you described to fit the name Rebecca...I absolutely always imagined YOU that way. However, you'll always be Becky to me. Whatever you choose, everyone will always dig you.

Danielle said...

hahaha... IntrosBECktion is my vote!

The Brazilian nicknaming system is kind of hard for me, too. No one calls me Danielle. I get lots of alternatives...

1. Many people call me "Da" (akin to your "Re"), but it's German for "yes" so it's kind of weird.

2. Often people call me "Danielley" because of the e at the end of the world. But that's what my family called me when I was a little kid... so that's hard to get used to.

3. People also call me "Daniel" because a) it's hard for them to put the stress on the end of the word or b) they get confused with the Daniel-Danielle-Daniela situation. I'm always thinking, "I'm not a boy!"

But English speakers in the US totally butcher lots of people's names, so I guess it's okay.

Deb said...

Flossing My Armpits And Other Adventures?

Breaking the Wind: Blowing My Love Your Way

Becca's Bounty?

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

How about the "Misplaced Temporary Brazilians"? That won't be awkward. ;o) As for your name, my vote is Cordelia.

Sweating in the endless heat said...

First of all, I live in AZ, and I felt misplaced for the first 3 1/2 years. So, I would just keep your blog name. Unless you move to the East valley, where you probably won't feel so misplaced:-)
I am not going to lie, moving here at the end of May/beginning of June, is an awful time to move here:-( Especially if you are coming from a green place like Brazil. Boy what a downer I am, sorry 'bout that.

As far as your name, I have always know you as Becky, from the time you were little, so I say keep your name, I think it sounds grown up:-) Good Luck!

Becca said...

If I were in Arizona I would totally be misplaced.

As for the Rebecca thing, as a fellow Rebecca I gotta say my best nickname was "Rebelca" cause you know I was such a rebel in high school. (total lie, a real rebel would never have that name).

Kimberly said...



Yeah, I got nothin'.

My name changes all the time. Just don't call me Kimmy or I'll kick you in the shin. Fo'serious.

gina said...

How about something that has to do with your wordly travel, like globe trotting Americans or non ethnocentric Americans (cause those of us who have never gone abroad tend to be so). Just kidding. Whatever you call your blog when you move, I will continue to read.

wonder woman said...

May it's just me, but I thought the whole calling yourself something different in AZ was a little toungue in cheek. I have a feeling you'll introduce your self as Rebecca _________, and within a few weeks you'll tell everyone just to call you Becky. Or you could be "Becki with an I," like "Anne with an E."

The beautiful thing about your blog is that you can change it WHENEVER YOU WANT!!!!! My blog title/theme has gone through some changes as I've "evolved" as a blogger. (Don't I sound sophisticated?) I kinda like "That Girl that WAS in Brazil" for a few months, then maybe just That Girl. Or That Becky/Rebecca/Becca/Becks Girl. Whichever you end up choosing.

I do like Megan's "IntrosBECKtion." Very clever. You can change the title whenever you want, to WHATever you want, since most people just come to the address. And If you want to come up with a completely different name and them for your family, it's totally cool. (I kinda like it, myself.) And you can do it much later, when thigngs settle down and you know your family's identity post-Brazil.

Basically, you can make it all WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT!!! :o)

Square Root of Family said...

We have a Jacob in our family and always swore it would never turn into "Jake" because we didn't like that nick name. But it has evolved to be his name half the time anyway.

We also have a Rebekah, and we intended to alternate between that name and Bekah. But we also call her Becks, Beck, and even Beck-ie. Also Rebekahnator, Beckster, Rebekahnation, Baby Bekah and Beckity. But never Reba. I'm sure the various variants are inevitable!

However, I don't think Rebecca sounds any more grown up than Becky. But I agree they sound like different personality types.If you are smart, you'll listen to your mother :)

If I were you, I'd develop a class system and let only certain people call you Becky, others Rebecca and then make the rest call you RW.

As for the Blog--I see the dilemma with putting a place in the name, or for that matter putting "Americans" in it in the future.

I'd call it Beckyflections.

Unless you choose to go by Rebecca. Then I'd choose "My Korner" and watch that guy squirm.

Boy Mom said...

Wow! I'm impressed you have time to stress about you blog name, I'd be to stressed about boxing up and moving. Grrr I'm not a fan of moving.

Did like the 'Bend it Like Becca' suggestion though.

You remind me of my awesome college friend Becky, so I'll think of you that way whatever you decide to call yourself.

Kazzy said...

Funny that you are spending time thinking about your online I.D. I would be doing the same thing.

How about something referring to the fact that you are the sole woman in the house? I thought about trying something like that for myself before I went with Kazzy, which was my grandmother's nickname for me.

Heather of the EO said...

I'll call you friend.

How's that for sappy sapperton?

Liz said...

"Rebecca Replanted"
"Transplanted Brazilians"
"Return of Rebecca"

As far as your personal you have a middle name? My daughter switched to her middle name one year in high school. We had people calling for 'Ann' all year and we had no idea who they were calling!!

DeNae said...

Why not tell everyone your name is spelled R-E-B-E-C-C-A, but it's pronounced "LaFawnda"? Or "Inigo Montoya". Or "That Girl Formerly in Brazil." That way you won't have to tell the Social Security Administration about it. Take it from me, that way lies madness.

As for your blog's name, I'd call it "Blog". Think how many times you'd come up on Google! You'd be, like, totally FAMOUS!!

templework said...

you can always do a play on your description...

A Normal (?) American Family
What Normal American Family

Shawn said...

I do like that one up there "Bend it Like Becca"---so cute, short and to the point.

One of the greatest things about moving is that you can be WHOEVER you want when you get there!

I did that many times---it was fun.

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

My Rebekah goes by Bekah -- I kinda like it.

But I definately think you are more of a Laticia girl -- :)

I tried going by my full name for a while -- Kathleen -- but I am not that formal. I ended up reverting back to Kathy because it is just more me. More laid back.

Maybe you should wait and see how you feel when you get here. Maybe once you arrive in SkyHarbor Airport you will want to rename your blog "wish I could run and hide" or you will feel like changing your name to something like "she who melts in the shade"

Good Luck!

Kathy said...

I'm new to your blog - you are very funny! I think "Bend it like Becca" is cute.
Transplanted Americans or Repotted Americans might work (kind of a gardening theme there).
I also love "Rebecca replanted", that one is my favorite, I think. Good luck and happy packing!

Mommadj5 said...

Oooo - I like Rebecca replanted and Bend it like Becca. How about Arizona Adventures? 'Cept that poses the naming after where you live problem - but I know you are planning on being there forever or a heck of a long time, whichever comes first...or gee - Mommy Monday comes to mind - or Monday Mommy or whatever it is :-)

Mommadj5 said...

Wow - just noticed how must you crossed off your "to-do" list. You have been a busy woman! You must feel good! How was the movie?

Mommadj5 said...

Umm...that would be MUCH not typos....

Shooting Starchild said...

Whoa! There's a lot of comments, but I still wanted to put in my two cents. • Regarding your blog, unless you're totally inspired, I'd stick with 'the Misplaced Americans' because you'll probably feel misplaced for a while, and the idea that one can be misplaced within their own country is kinda thought provoking • Regarding your name, I changed my name for junior high and high school. I liked it and the fam totally adapted (though they did call me by my given name at home). Try plugging your first and/or middle name into a baby name website - you know, one of the ones that generates all the possible nicknames for whatever you put in so you don't name your baby something horrible - maybe you'll see something new or get a random idea.• Last bit of two cents: My dad says 'Do what you feel is right in your heart.' (when I can't pick out which shoes to buy or something). It works. ♥ rp

Abra said...

When I was born, my name was Anna-Brooke.
I actually really like the name. I don't like Anna by itself, but with the Brooke it's cool, and I like Brooke period.
I went for a few years by the name Brookie 'cause I was two and that was cute. But when my mom adopted my sister and I all of the sudden we were allowed to change our names. My mom and dad came up with a list of names that rhymed with my nickname either Brookie or A.B. (my cousin couldn't say Anna Brooke so she called me A.B. which turned to Abbi. True Story.) Out of the list I chose Abra which comes from the book later on movie starring James Dean called East of Eden.
So yeah. That's where I got my name. I picked it.

My sister went from Kelly to Kelline.

I think you can be who you wanna be. And I agree, you should stick with the Misplaced Americans... you never know, you might uproot again ;)

trublubyu said...

when my friend moved to a new town, she introduced herself as "birdie" in relief society. her name is kristi. but she was up for some excitement. and people didn't get that she was joking- and some still call her birdie.

go for broke, whatever you do.

and look me up when you get to az. we could do lunch. or something.

Melissa Bastow said...

So, I'm a little late in reading this, and someone has probably already suggested this, but I think you should introduce yourself like this:

"Hi, I'm Rebecca, but everyone calls me Poppy McPurpaloo the Princess of Poop."

Not that you rule over feces or anything, I just think it has a nice ring to it, don't you? (Plus sometimes people spit when they say a lot of 'p's and that would be killer fun.)

Elizabeth said...

I am judgemental and rude, so I think people who INSIST on being called by their full names (if they're long) are stuck up. All the Catherines and Elizabeths I've known have been. One Catherine relaxed a bit by high school, but she joined the cheerleading squad (shudder) and they called her Kitty (and she let them. Another fact to prove my point.) I think you should introduce yourself as Becky -- unless you're feeling really adventurous, in which case you should go with Fulana, because dude, that's hot, and so you. Save Bex for close friends. I'll get even MORE jealous if everyone in AZ is calling you that. (And why would you want a grown-up name? I'm telling you, being "grown-up" is seriously over-rated. I have always had a horror of turning into a grown-up, matronly sort. Let me keep my child-like spirit forever, please. I want to be the kind of white-haired old lady who stops to stare in the candy shop window, winks at people, and tells funny jokes at serious events.)

I like some of the suggestions, probably Beckyflections best, because you originally came up with it and it suits you, but it's totally fine to give it time. You may get settled in and be hit over the head in the night with something brilliant. Wait for it. I believe in you. XP

Good luck with the move. Nice to have something for your brain to do (and distract you with) while you pack boxes and finish last-minute projects. Do you have a move date yet?

Clyde said...

"Becky, the Misplaced American in/at any place" or "... any corner"

Trust me, you'll be fine with any name. as long you keep your perkiness. :)

Michelle said...

I didn't read all 50! comments but I did see someone else had already provided the idea I came up with.

"I say come up with a really obscure, memorable symbol and then we'll call your blog "The Blog Formerly Known as 'The Misplaced Americans'"."

As for your name, you will forever be Becky J to me.

Harmony said...

Do you realize you said "bless her heart" three times in this post? I think you should be moving to Utah...

And we both know you should be called Beiyckeye.

Q'Ville said...

ok, I know I'm a stranger to you, BUT, I have your name answer. Take a quiz.Facebook has several; DisneyPrincess, scoobieDoo character or just words that describe you. I new a girl they called Moxie. Her real name was Kathleen. She was quite "moxie". I knew a girl named Randy. I didn't know her THAT well. Facebook had a test going about YOU IN 1 WORD. When new people meet you and get to know you, they'll understand you and love you even more.

charrette said...

I kinda like "that girl who used to be in Brazil" or as Steph most excellently put it, Fulana. hahaha.

Bex seems to fit you. (thank you, Melanie.) Short, snappy, smart and cool.

Sue said...

For me, it would be Beck. That's what I always called my friend named Rebecca.

But the Bex idea is cute, too.

elesa said...

Marvin O'Gravel Balloonface,
because how awesome would it be to introduce yourself if that were your name?