Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Berry Gatherers

You know that painting The Nut Gathers? It's one of my favorite paintings at the Detroit Institute of Arts (the DIA to you non-Michiganders.) I always loved their little toes ....

Anyhoo. There are three blackberry trees (yes, TREES, not bushes) in our condominium that the boys and I attack a couple times a week. Big, juicy, fresh - hundreds of berries on each tree. We go with buckets and open mouths.

Little Prince scares all the little ole ladies by climbing to the very top.

Ouro Branco could be an 'immortal child' from the Twilight series, dontcha think? Breathtakingly beautiful, charming - and covered in a bloody-looking substance. (It's just the juice.)

And I love their little toes.


kristi said...

Immortal child, ha ha thats funny :) Those berries look so good!!!!

NatalieHemingway said...

Becky!! I'm so glad you found us. Your family is just precious. Those berries look DELICIOUS!! I'm glad Brazil is treating you well. I'm also in YW in our ward. I'm the 1st counselor. We've only got 10 girls, but 1/2 of them are MiaMaids so I'm pretty busy. Good to hear from you!

P.S.- You'll have to make it back to the states to see Twilight the movie... or will they show it there? Do you get movies? We're on the countdown for opening night and planning a super-fun girls night out for it. CAN'T WAIT!!