Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's broke-ded.

Something is in the air here besides spring. (A 90 degree spring with a blazing hot sun, swaying palm trees and bright green macaws flying overhead. Be jealous, one and all ....)

But this something in the air. It's not the wind in the palm leaves or the macaws (slightly annoying) squawking. It's the air of BREAKING THINGS.

It all started with my sewing machine last month. Right when I was finishing Little's Prince's quilt it suddenly hacked a couple times and DIED. Quite tragic.

And then let's not forget My Man's tooth. Broken. I'm rather fond of his mouth and I don't like anything that hinders kissing. I mean eating.

Then, a couple weeks ago, my beloved camera decided not to open anymore. My CAMERA, people. It records my life. I mean, what if I FORGET the incredibly darling way Ouro Branco eats yogurt? Or today's PARTICULAR smile on Jellybean's face? Children change by the hour, and I'm usually there to document it. We just found a camera-fixit-guy, but I have yet to drop it off, as I'm secretly hoping My Man will do it for me. To avoid dragging three kids around looking for a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop in I Have No Idea Where.

Thing fourth. Last week, while on yet another service trip, My Man's VW Gol had a heart attack. Arteries clogged. As in, oil pump died. That would be part of the motor. And that would be bad. Our poor Gol (I call it the Black Bludger. My van is the Silver Snitch) works tirelessly - it's always the first in line to offer someone a ride and puts on an average of 70 km EVERY SUNDAY MORNING picking people up for church. It is still in the hospital running tests and we're hoping to visit it soon. Should be released next week. In the meantime, we're doing a ward fast. And I'm driving My Man to work three times a week. With three kids. Did I mention it's a half an hour away? And he starts at 8:00?

And to top it off, my beloved WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER CAUGHT ON FIRE TODAY. Oh yeah. I'm in the middle of a Young Women's pool party (literally - I was in the water playing Marco Polo,) when Little Prince comes running, "FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!" I run into the laundry room to see the electrical cords in flames, along with the exhaust pipe. And yes, both machines were full. I had to wash an ENTIRE LOAD BY HAND. I am many things, but I am not THAT WOMAN.

It better end there.


Rocketgirl said...

That is the doggone funniest entry ever. not for you, poor thing - your life truly stinks - but for me, thanks:) Who ever heard of a washer and dryer starting fire?!?!

Mommadj5 said...

YIKES!!! Actually dryer fires are the #1 cause of home fires starting - the lint back up with the intense heat start a fire. But yours sounds like electrical??? Good thing Little Prince saw it and no one was hurt. My heart goes out to you - wish I was there to help!!!

Jan said...

Man, I think you are going through a fire too. That is so not fair about everything going kapoot around you. I am glad that your daughter was there though.

You are so funny. Did you know that?

Heather of the EO said...

OOOOOOOOOH, a new lady to love!!!

My Great Aunt has been living in Brazil for about 100 years. Or 50 or something. I'm guessing there are about 100,000 more believers in Christ because of her. :)

Nextly, I'm sorry about your fire. And your car. And your sewing machine. And the tooth....

Sheesh. Stop breaking stuff.

So nice to "meet" you!!!


Kimberly said...

Oh wow.


All attempts at self-pity on my part have been completely squashed now. I just can't compete with all that.

I wish you didn't live so far away. Because...for serious? I have a spare camera, washing machine and dryer, and a sewing machine my husband bought me in hopes I'd learn to use it but in all honesty is still in the box.

Don't hate me please.

And hey, why not arrange a trip to Canada soon? =P

Elizabeth said...

EEK! Geez, good call on LP's part to catch it before it became more of a problem. I hope you gave him total props. .... I'm totally dating myself with my... lingo. Yeah. :P

And hon, I will NEVER be jealous of 90 degree weather, ANYWHERE. YOU be jealous. It's just getting into the low 60's here (average, it's still going up a down a lot) and the leaves are turning colors and the sunshine is that clear, autumn variety, and the tops of the mountains (still, just a little) have SNOW on them. Ooooh, yeah, time to get out the sweaters, sweatshirts, and other cuddly fall clothes! Get me a mug and mix me up some hot cocoa. It's the season to curl up in a blanket and read. Or knit. And Christmas is coming!

Now THAT is worth being jealous of. :P

*MARY* said...

I had to wash my clothes by hand while I lived in China, my China days reeked.

Abra said...

I found you through Mary...
I love your blog, what a struggle, but how exciting all at the same time!
My sister and her husband are living in Egypt right now, and I love reading about her life.
So... um....
I wouldn't even know how to wash anything by hand... I'm so pathetic, I have a hand wash cycle on my washing machine...
My brother served his mission in Sao Paulo. He said the bugs there were GIANORMOUS is that true? They used squeegees to kill spiders... Right now, I used my candle lid to trap a spider on my computer desk because I'm too chicken to actually kill it for real... I'm trying to suffocate it instead. Then I'll plead with the kids to flush it down the toilet lest it comes alive and back inside the house...
Anyways I'll stop now.
Thanks for letting me read...