Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On my mind

Lots of reasons to smile today.

1. My Man and I talked last night about needs, and the plan is to go home sooner rather than later. (Hopefully jobs cooperate.) My feelings on this are as follows:

2. I lost another two pounds. Four more pounds til I'm pre-Jellybean, and then eight more til I'm pre-Ouro Branco. And under no circumstances am I going to eat one of the chocolate chip cookies that are in the kitchen. (Think of something else ... think of something else .... think of something else .....)

3. It's a million billion zillion degrees outside and I'm a-gonna have a pool party tomorrow.

4. My sewing machine is fixed and in my possesion. Now I can finish Little Prince's quilt and start two more. (I have a niece and nephew on the way!)

5. This morning BY MYSELF WITH THREE KIDS we got new shoes for Little Prince, underwear for Ouro Branco (who went PEE-PEE in the TOILET yesterday - another reason to smile) and hats for both. This is incredible considering these were all separate stores.

6. We also got their birthday pictures taken ... four months late .... Ahem.

They're no Kiddie Kandids, but it's better than nothing. LP insisted on that background. Yeah. So delighted. Maybe I can photo shop it out.

7. I woke up at 4AM with a wicked idea for mutual.

Hope you have lots of reasons to smile today!


heidizinha said...

yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

home sooner than later. are you kidding me? so does that mean you're coming, like, next week?

i can't wait.

Mommadj5 said...

Yea Heidi - now we can "fight" over which side of the country they can live! :-) I think your side has the bigger pull.....sooner is always better than later!

Mommadj5 said...

Oops - forgot! LOVE THE PICTURES OF THE KIDS - save me some....

kristi said...

Hey Demas, I am with you!!!! I am pulling her this way :)-----> (Midwest)!!!!!!!! So what exactly is sooner anyway?

The Prices said...

I had no idea how different it was there! I guess I assumed, but to see it written is a different story. Hope you guys get home soon. Where is home anyway? I still feel like I wanna go home...Michigan that is. Where's your man from anyway?

Elizabeth said...

COME!!! COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME COME!!! Is this sooner than in your last message to me?? COME COME COME COME COMECOMECOMECOMECOME!!! I have a room for you! There's a house across the street for sale! I made your awesome chocolate chip cookies tonight. Srsly. COME SEE ME! *GRIN*